Dynamic visualization of RDS version 2

by Sergiy Nesterko on March 27th, 2011

Early this semester, I worked on complementing my visualization of the Respondent-Driven Sampling (RDS) process presented in this post to illustrate its evolution over time. That was how the second version was created, which is displayed here.

Please refer to the earlier post for detailed description of the main functionality. The second version implements an additional view of the process, which plots the portion of the underlying network as discovered by the RDS process over time. To switch to an alternate view at any time, press the change view button. The wide pink horizontal line in the alternate view marks the true population mean.

This browser does not have a Java plug-in so what you see above is a static screenshot of the visualization. Note that if you are on Mac OS, some browsers may not understand Java. Some that do are Safari and Camino, there may be others. So, try those. Also, you can try to get the latest Java plug-in here.

What the new view allows to explore is the structure of the process as a function of time (survey wave). It has proved very helpful in our work on the related estimation problem, as described here.

The visualization has been developed in Processing, with the generous and insightful support of my advisor Joe Blitzstein.

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